Tuesday, 24 February 2015

'Grim Fandango: Remastered' [Episode 1] - I Am So Stoked For This

Welcome to my play-through of 'Grim Fandango: Remastered' by Double Fine Adventures and LucasArts! I remember this being one of my favourite point-and-click games of my youth, so when Double Fine Adventures re-released it with cool upgrades I know I had to play it again!

You place Manuel "Manny" Calavera, an agent for the Department of Death, whose job is to sell travel packages to the newly-deceased so they can cross the Land of the Dead and reach eternal rest in a style commensurate with their earthly life. However, there's something rotten in the Land of the Dead... Heavily-influenced by Mexican-Aztec ideas on the afterlife and the film noir genre, this was a critical success on its initial release.

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