is among the oldest, public, free Minecraft servers still going. Originally the Reddit public Minecraft server, it's grown into a full gaming community of friends from around the world.

We currently have three Minecraft servers up: PvE -; Creative -; and Chaos -

... and you can connect to these through your Minecraft client. We don't have many rules, but we ask that you don't attempt to do anything 'cheaty' like x-ray or use flyhacks. Similarly, please don't be trollish by doing anything very obnoxious or offensive.

Come join us and have fun! website

This is the main website. A good starting place! Twitter feed

The Twitter feed. This is where updates and other fun stuff is announced.

Reddit subreddit

The Reddit subreddit, r/mcpublic. This is the original community that eventually grew-out from. forums

These are the Forums. More of the in-depth conversations to do with the community go on here, as well as some of the administrative stuff. Instagram

The Instagram page - for fun pictures! YouTube channel

Videos, especially promotional videos, are put up on the YouTube channel. wiki

The Wiki is an important historical resource if you want to read about how developed. Steam group

The Community Steam group. See if anyone wants to play your game!


Our Discord server. We talk here! Nonsense, mostly.